Wiki Module for Drupal

As explained in Drupal Wiki I wrote my own drupal module to wrap PMWiki to give me a fairly rich wiki in my Drupal site.

Download the Wiki module HERE

To install the module

  • Unpack the module file in the modules folder of your Drupal installation.

Low Cost, Low Power Datalogger

This is a design for a low cost, low power ATmega328 based data logger for battery operation over weeks or months. Th aim is to have a circuit that can log data to an SD card along with the date and time that the events occur.

Adventures in Ultsasonics


Laser scanners are becoming more widely used in caves but are still very expensive and may remain out of reach of the average caver for many years to come. Having considered a number of options for automatable distance measurement in caves, ultrasonic distance measurement would appear to be the simplest to implement and has that feature which is high on many cavers list of requirements – low cost.

Poor Man's Digital Survey Device

This is a low cost device for Cave Surveying, it uses an Android Phone and should work with any Backlit Laser Distance Measure. It needs a custom enclosure (case, box, whatever) that allows buttons to be pressed on both devices. For the proto type I used:

A £50 Laser Distance Measure off ebay

Low cost Laser Distance Measure


A Samsung Galaxy Y Phone

Samsung Galaxy Y Android Phone


3D, three ways

As a result of some people wanting to display cave surveys on the web, I started looking at options for displaying 3D graphics in a web browser. I ended up implementing more or less the same thing in SVG, Flash and as a Java Applet. What we wanted was real time three dimentional rotation and translation of a set of points, surfaces and bitmaps and all these technologies seemed, at least on paper, capable of displaying this kind of data.

Optical Flow Odometer

Update Whilst inital tests where promising in more realistic situations any significant change of distance from the camera to the surface between frames lead to fairly large errors. Also the "moving" shadows, due to moving lighting confuse the optical flow algorithm.

This project kicked off with the desire to have an easy way to measure distance traveled in a cave.

Handling Key Presses in Swing

Below are some notes on handling key presses (keyboard input) in Java.

Open Source

Here are some free/open source projects that I have developed.

Digital-Survey-Device- A low cost Digital Survey Device for surveying caves

Optical-Flow-Odometer - Measure distance travelled from a video stream by adding a cheap laser pointer into the mix

Wiki Module for Drupal is a PMWiki modukle for Drupal

Survey Digitiser is an application to allow on-screen digitisation of scanned maps and plans


Here are some things that make me think, and some ill-informed musings.

I have a passing interest in art and philosophy and at the moment where I've got to is "Art is the mathematics of emotion"

Maths is an abstract way of representing a concept. By understanding the mathematical abstractions it is possible to exchange ideas about the world around us. There are many forms of mathematics, it covers a broad range of concepts. Similarly art is a way of conveying a feeling, emotion or range of feelings and emotions to another person.


Drupal Wiki

Using Drupal as a Wiki

I decided to move my presonal site over to Drupal. The old site was partly manually created HTML and partly PMWiki. I liked PMWiki because it was fairly simple and worked well. One of the add-ons I used was syntax highlighting for code that I post. Having looked around at a few CMS's I decided Drupal was probably a good fit for my requirements, well coded, well supported and with more modules that I could shake a stick at.

So how to do a wiki with syntax highlighting in Drupal?

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